Think pink!


Am i a pink kinda girl? Nah not really, but I just can’t help myself liking these items!

Butterfly dinner set with FREE mugs £30

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It has got really pretty butterflies and a script pattern, in purple and pink tones. 12 piece plus 4 free mugs

Buy it here for people located in the UK:    butterfly set

Pink 5 piece pan set (it includes a pink frying pan!!) £35


How fab does this look! I can just imagine it in a shabby chic style kitchen or what about a black kitchen? The pan set has got soft silicone grips and handles (always nice to not burn your fingers on scolding pans!) and has got glass lids

Buy it here for people in the UK: pink pan set

Pink 5 piece storage set £20 (this set is also available in blue or taupe)


Great set for the price: pink and white enamel. You cant see it so well on this picture but each tin does tell what it is holding: coffee, tea, sugar, biscuits or bread

Buy it here for people in the UK: pink storage set

Pink orientated cupcake 3 piece tin set £10


What’s there to say about a trio of tins? Not much I suppose, other then it has cupcakes on and who doesnt like cupcakes!!


Love your Tea!

Do you relax with a nice cuppa? If you do, then this is for you!!


Tea pot table light £15

Bone china cup & saucer £10

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